Monday, November 21, 2011

NARS Danmari All About Cheek Palette

I've been on the hunt for this cheek palette and was under the impression that it has not yet been released in Australia since I did not see it on display on the counter. Out of curiosity I popped into Mecca Cosmetica (Myer Sydney) and asked about the palette that I have been searching for. At first the SA told me that it has already sold out, I was guttered. I then asked if she knew whether they were going to receive more stock in the upcoming weeks and she asked another SA. To my luck the other SA told us that they DID have a few palettes left and that they are kept hidden away under the drawer. Well, how is it going to sell in there? I asked myself. Anyways, the point of this story is "I GOT IT"! 

NARS is very pricey here in Australia. It was 115AUD but I got it at a 10% discount as I was a staff member of the department store. Now onto the photos and swatches!

Overall, I think the palette is great for travel and the selection of colours is great. You also get a bronzer and highlighter colour. I'm still uncertain on that last colour I swatched and doubtful that I can pull off a look using it but the other colours are great and should compliment my skin tone well. I have "Orgasm" already but I'm nearly out.

I might do some looks showing how I use this palette later on and comment on whether my love for "Orgasm" has remained unchanged or have I fallen in love with another colour in this palette. Who knows it might be the plum shade. Follow me and stay tuned.

Also, I just received my SASA order today but haven't gotten around to taking photos. I will make a post as soon as I can. Maybe tonight if I have time =)

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  1. i want this!! but so expensive in Australia =[

    Laura x


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