Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Louis Vuitton: Monogram Vernis Poch-Clef

Danny and I ended up exchanging our Anniversary presents early, once again (its actually in August). We went to the Louis Vuitton shop supposedly "just to look" but he surprised me and got me the poch-clef to add to my Monogram Vernis family/collection. I already own the zippy wallet and the Brea MM in the same colour, Amarante.

It was the last piece in the store and he didn't want to wait so we got it. He knew I wanted one because I'm saving up for a Chanel Classic Flap in medium/large and my wallet would take up most of the limited space inside it. I would've got a smaller wallet but it didn't make sense as I have a fully functional wallet and I love it to death. It fits everything you could possibly need in your wallet without any bulging.. The poch-clef is the perfect size to use with any of my smaller bags as it holds my essentials. It can fit my driver's license, student ID, bank card, credit cards, notes and small change. The key holder/hook doubles as a hook to attach to the inside of any Louis Vuitton (attach to the D-hook).

Onto photos ...

Introducing my LV family - The Amarante

Latest addition - Poch-clef

The back pocket

Inside the zip compartment

The key pouch hooked into the inside of my Brea bag.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream Review

Hello, it's been a while.
I previously blogged about this BB cream in my beauty haul post in April.  So, I've been using this BB Cream for 2 months now and I am quite confident that I can give a complete review of it since I've had a good feel of its "benefits" or whatnot.

I have tried their other Signature M BB Cream and THAT I did not like whatsoever, so I was a bit hesistant at first to try another one from their range especially when I haven't seen many reviews on it. I went with my instincts and tried it for myself. Anyways, to the review.

Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF27+ in no.23
$36.90AU from Missha

The product claims to improve skin tone and has whitening/brightening effect. Whilst I did experience an improvement in skin tone and brightness I cannot however isolate these results as a direct benefit of using the BB Cream as I have made changes to my skincare routine which too included whitening/brightening products from SK-II. I believe it did contribute but my skincare was probably the major factor.

One thing I can conclude is, this is the only BB Cream that I have used that has not caused me to break out and provides the best fit (colour and covering) for my skin. I'm an NC30-35 and have blemishes (mainly acne scaring) with redness around my nose area and shade no.23 provided the perfect coverage that looks lighter and more natural than your foundation.

I also found that the oil control was decent but not incredible I did see oil come through approximately 3 hours of wear but I have a very oily T-zone (and I mean it!).

The thing I liked most about it is definitely how easy and quick it is to apply in the morning. It also provides sun protection in the one step.

How I use it?
After my skincare routine and primer if desired, I dispense a small amount (half pump) to my fingertips and applying on using a gentle tapping motion concentrating more on my areas of concern. To set the BB Cream with my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder.
Would I purchase it again? Probably yes.

I think it deserves 4 out of 5. It serves its purpose as an alternative to a medium coverage foundation but whether it delivers its promises about improving the tone and brightness of your skin is still questionable.  


I wrote up this post some time ago but just never got around to uploading and editing it. Plus, it is such a ritual for me to blog during exam time and uni just to de-stress and escape from the pages and pages of notes that sit infront of me.

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