Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm not Chinese ..

One of the funniest things happened to me on the train home from work today. I was sitting on a 3 seater by myself facing the rest of the carriage (peak-hour) and an elderly Chinese woman and her husband sat with me. I was reading my mx, minding my own business until I made eye contact with the lady and then she began saying something in Chinese to me and politely I tried to explain that I am not Chinese and do not understand what she was saying. She smiles and I thought was the end of it but seconds later she does it again this time pointing to sections of my paper, I repeatedly said "sorry I don't understand. I'm not Chinese". Of course she continued for about 5 mins and every time I tried to explain she reacted as if I had said something replying to her in Chinese. When she ran out of things to say I subtly close my mx and closed my eyes. And that my friends was the end of it !

On another note, had breakfast this morning with the Myer Sydney City Coty team at the Retro Cafe. It was good, worth the early wake up. I ordered two scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, avocado with toast mmm-mmm ! Haven't had a breakfast of that size in a while, kept me full until dinner.

luvo of the day

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving .. rooms

My bedroom is getting way too cramped and my makeup is definitely outgrowing the drawers and train case I house it in. I need a dressing table! And my clothes are spilling out out my wardrobe. So I have made plans to move my bedroom to my study which is a larger room and using my current room as a study/dressing room and closet hopefully by next month. This is so I can accommodate for a new dressing table and make more room for clothes - a whole room for clothes and of course a part of it will be my study :)
I'm starting to look at what kind of dressing table I want. My bed frame and tv unit are both dark wood so my dream white antique princess style table is out of the picture. Modern, simple and chic is what I'm after.
I googled 'dressing table' and found a beautiful mirrored dressing table which I am in love with <3!

So with this one in mind I'm hoping to find something similiar...

Loving purple as well .. my favourite look right now

- "Stacked 1!" Crush Metal Pigments - Dark & Light Purple shades (Spring Colour Forecast Collection 2010)
- Lipstick in Prive (Baroque Boudoir Collection)
- Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (NC30) mixed with Strobe Cream
- Select Cover-up (NC30)
- Prep+Prime Face
- Fluidline (Blacktrack)
- Paint pot (Painterly)
- Naked Lunch E/S
Laura Mercier 
- Mineral Powder (Natural Beige)
- Translucent setting powder (loose)
- NARS Blush in Orgasm
- Benefit Eye Bright
- Loreal Telescopic Mascara (Carbon Black)

In case you were wondering I did have the other eye done as well but my hair was so untamed that day !

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Finally I have made progress with this blog. It was only just clicks away...

This morning I was down with flu. Feverish. Nose bleeds. Miraculously I now feel well on the road to recovery. It's amazing how much sleep and good old rest can do.

Weather has been unbearingly cold. The only thing that I love about the cold seasons is sleeping in and most definitely the fashion.

And I need a new name for my blog, primary purpose is cosmetics and personal chitta chat .. hmms I'm not that creative any suggestions?

Also THANK YOU TO KIMBERLY for the header image. Sorry I had to ruin it by changing the colour tone to match my blog design. You made even me look decent !! You're awesome girl ! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I May Have Been Converted or Not ..

As this will be my first review since moving my blog, I thought I'd do several reviews on five products that I have been testing out for the past few months. I was quite the brand loyal girl but don't get me wrong I am still a die-hard MAC fan with a few conversions.
In search of a tinted moisturiser and a new mineral powder, I researched online and also through word of mouth I stumbled across Laura Mercier. And of course, it was right across from the fragrance counter in Myer.
After paying a visit to my beloved neighbouring counter I went home with their 'Foundation Primer - Oil Free', 'Oil-free tinted moisturiser', 'finishing powder' and also the 'Mineral powder'. I never seem to have trouble in walking out with more than what I needed. Oh I also got a 6-piece gift and also their 'Face Polish' as a gift which was a bonus. I love freebies!

Face Polish

I absolutely love this product. It gently buffs away dead skin unlike other exfoliators I've tried, such as Clinique's 'Exfoliating Scrub' which can be grainy, rough and drying. Its gentle yet my skin feels instantly smoother and appears visibly brighter and it does feel like my skin is 'polished'. Not drying at all. And the pleasant scent helps as well. It is definitely now one of my staple skin care products and I am certain I will buy it time and time again. I use it every two or three nights after removing my makeup.

4.5 out of 5
Foundation Primer

I've tried several different primers before and this one isn't my favourite, but it is good. I do like the ease in application and I can use either a brush or just my fingertips. It also feels very hydrating, however due my combination skin it does not provide enough oil control to my t-zone unlike the 'MAC Prep + Prime Face' and I do end up looking shiny after 4-6 hrs. The dewy look does benefit as it help blend in my blemishes and large pores. This is a good primer for when I'm on-the-go but for other purposes especially for special occassions that involve happy snap moments the 'MAC Prep+Prime' is definitely my favourite for that perfect camera finish as it has silicone that give light reflecting properties without that white flashback look and its more affordable as well. I wish I could just apply it with my fingertips.
I've also started trying out Smashbox's 'Photofinish Colour Correcting Primer' I will update my thoughts on it later.

3 out of 5
Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

This is the first department store tinted-moisturizer I have bought and tried. To my surprise the coverage was great for what I would expect out of a tinted moisturizer. Its lightweight and provide enough coverage to sheerly correct my skintone and with a little concealer on my harder-to-cover blemishes VOILA! and I'm ready to go. It works great under my mineral powder as well giving me that extra coverage I need without being too heavy or cakey. My skin does feel hydrated throughout the day and I can also use a brush or just my fingertips to apply. The SPF also means that I don't need to apply an extra layer of sunscreen on an average day - time saving !

3.5 out of 5

Mineral Powder SPF 15

By far this is my best mineral foundation match. I've tried Revlon, I.D. Bare Minerals and MAC and Laura Mercier's 'Mineral Powder SPF 15' provides the best natural finish. Revlon's 'Colourstay Mineral Powder' made me break out and dried out my skin. I think its due to the talc which can be pore clogging. I.D. Bare Minerals did not have a shade that blended well into my skin making me look either too yellow or too pink-toned. I also found the mica too glittery. MAC's 'Mineralize SPF 15 Loose Foundation' was either too dark or too light on my skin and the packaging made it hard to use. Laura Mercier gives me a natural glow which I absolutely adore and it doesn't feel like its drying out my skin. The packaging is great as well as there is a rotating cover for the powder which makes it travel friendly. I use over my tinted moisturizer or even sweep it over my liquid foundation for a bit of extra coverage and glow.

4.5 out of 5
Translucent Setting Powder

Not one of the best setting powders I've tried in regards to shine control, MAC's 'Blotting Powder' definitely has my vote for that. But it does work well as it does help my makeup stay fixed all day and has waterproofing benefits (tear and rain proof - as funny as that sounds). It very lightweight, does not add any extra colour and seems to having this blurring effect on application. I do find myself needing to powder my oily t-zone within 4 hrs.
3 out of 5

My daily face base now consists of the Laura Mercier's primer, tinted moisturizer, mineral powder and setting powder (if needed) and MAC's 'Select Cover-up Concealer' - That's less than 5 mins !

All pictures are from
Laura Mercier - for more detail on ingredients and product details.

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