Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm not Chinese ..

One of the funniest things happened to me on the train home from work today. I was sitting on a 3 seater by myself facing the rest of the carriage (peak-hour) and an elderly Chinese woman and her husband sat with me. I was reading my mx, minding my own business until I made eye contact with the lady and then she began saying something in Chinese to me and politely I tried to explain that I am not Chinese and do not understand what she was saying. She smiles and I thought was the end of it but seconds later she does it again this time pointing to sections of my paper, I repeatedly said "sorry I don't understand. I'm not Chinese". Of course she continued for about 5 mins and every time I tried to explain she reacted as if I had said something replying to her in Chinese. When she ran out of things to say I subtly close my mx and closed my eyes. And that my friends was the end of it !

On another note, had breakfast this morning with the Myer Sydney City Coty team at the Retro Cafe. It was good, worth the early wake up. I ordered two scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, avocado with toast mmm-mmm ! Haven't had a breakfast of that size in a while, kept me full until dinner.

luvo of the day

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