Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More photos please ..

I am really inefficient with my camera. I mean every time I go anywhere, I'd be lucky to have more than 50 photos of the night. Maybe I am having too much fun to pull out my camera and SNAP SNAP!
Proof? This is the only photo I took of Saturday's night out. I loved my outfit but I have no photos. I was wearing my new boots. Again no photos. Well done!

Me and Clara - gosh I love her <3

So I am going to set myself a goal to love my camera more and show it the love it deserves.

 XOXO necklace from Equip $12.99


  1. comment is delayed i know, but i love your outfit in the other entry (blue top and black skirt). HAWT BITCH.

    also love the nail polish colour. i want!

    how was haymarket? em said she ran into you there!

  2. hehe thanks babe.
    i love YOU <3
    haymarket was good .. I got smashed :(
    i remember bumping into emily once and then she disappeared !
    miss you xx


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