Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday Wishes ...

Happy 21st Birthday to my two best friends

(Pilot Kathy, Native American Clara and Grecian Goddess Oudarny)


Okay, I know that I've slacked off and haven't been giving my blog any love and affection lately, even though I've been on Summer break for a month now but everyone knows how busy it gets in retail during Christmas season.. so that's my excuse anyways. Now that all that chaos is over, I can hopefully get back into the habit of blogging since I've had so much spare time on my hands. I know this because I've been sleeping for the last 3 days and just relaxing.

I'm preparing for my next online Sasa haul and getting my cart ready. Of course I'll be stocking up on SK-II's facial mask. However, I'm still deciding whether I should get back onto BB Creams. I've tried a few such Missha M Perfect Cover, BRTC (can't remember exactly which one) and The Face Shop (can't remember exactly which one either). Mind you this was like 2 years ago when BB Creams started to roll out onto shelves worldwide. BB creams did not impress me that much then, since I did not like the excessive dewiness of the formulations that I have tried and its sheerness, especially considering that I had more severe skin problems that needed fuller coverage and greater oil control. 

Since my skin has improved so much with much love and thanks to SK-II I think I might give BB Creams a second chance. I'm considering getting either the Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream or Skin79 Hot Pink Collection BB Cream. I'm still frantically hustling through forums and blogs to assist me in making my decision. And that should bring my cart over $75USD for FREE SHIPPING ! YAY ! And then its time to camp out at my front door ... again. 

Wish me luck !

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