Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daisy Eau So Fresh ..

As some may know, I work in the fine fragrances department in Myer as a consultant for Coty Prestige (i.e. the ultra prestige Chloe, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Calvin Klein just to name a few). I don't usually blog about fragrances but this new addition to the family is just too special to not share.
Introducing the new addition to the Daisy family in the Marc Jacobs brand fragrances and original Daisy's bubbly cousin Daisy Eau So Fresh!

Its quirky, bubbly, sophisticate but whimsical ... so be prepared to "lose yourself in a field of flowers with Daisy Eau So Fresh"! 

Photo was taken by Juergen Teller. Visit the Daisy Website here.

The design of the bottle is just captivating featuring pretty peach pink, white and yellow retro-cool vinyl petals that just screams out "touch me".

The fragrance is definitely amazing with key notes of raspberries (top notes), wild roses (heart) and plum (base note). Similar but different to the original Daisy EDT, which has wild strawberries, violet and warm woods. Its "EXHILIRATING, BUBBLY and PLAYFUL", taking you to a that place that is happy and sunny.

The range includes:
- 75ml
- 125ml
- Luminous Body Lotion <--- which is amazing

I think the advert is just so quirky which is typical of the Marc Jacobs brand. I'm just so excited and proud to be part of such a great fragrance and promotional campaign (a few surprises to look out for husssh!)

I hope I have convinced you to try/buy the fragrance for yourself, if not a loved one. Mother's Day is on its way (lol). Its on counter now at Myer Sydney City. Come by for a spray and you'll fall in love ladies!

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