Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bags Bags Bags

Just placed an order in at the Longchamp store in QVB for the Planetes Tote in Black $199.00AUS for the large size with long handles. Can't wait until it comes in .. about 1-2 weeks !

I've always wanted a Le Pliage, but couldn't really decide what colour to get .. Purple, Navy, Black, Ivory ... so many colours ! Too many ! Been trying to decide for the past 6 months or more now but I have finally set my heart on black. Conventional and practical... But the Planetes is definitely a little less common since its a different material, slightly thicker and also features black leather handles and flap, rather than the typical tan/brown.

It's definitely a phonecall I don't want to miss !

Also, still waiting on the House of Harlow necklace.

The difficult life of a shopping obsessed addict .. always broke !

It's a new and expensive obsession .. BAGS !!!

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